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Links too all  of my YouTube, Blogger, WordPress and more. I already have a site devoted to gambling, and beating casinos at there own game. WWW.CASINOCRUSHING.COM I already have blogs to tell you how to generate traffic, and income. EmpowerNetwork and my Blog there. I’m putting together my thoughts for 2 new pages, WWW.InTheFraserValley.COM and WWW.InTheFraserValley.INFO One to support local businesses that I like, not really in it for the money… at least not my money, there’s a ton of great places in the Fraser Valley I would love to see doing well, and I am going to give a little back. The other to just throw stuff around and be generally annoying with 🙂 I also have a free blog over at Blogger, also called casinocrushing, and also an interesting site. I am going to run that as an alternative test site as well, and hopefully not screw it up too bad… though thanks to Google pooching my Adsense account, it was pretty much done already 🙂 This is also a place to test all of my Themes, plugins and widgets without having to wreck my “money sites” and a place for me to post what amuses me 🙂 I will not be taking this blog too seriously, so try not to get too bent out of shape if I spell it You’re instead of your…. I do know the difference, I usually just don’t care. I write while I look at the keyboard and will often not look up for a thousand words or so 🙂 Anyway, sit back, relax, enjoy a coffee, a smoke, a wine or a beer, and relax a little. While I will put out a valiant effort to insure a worksafe venue, I can not make any guarantees… and not just because I am not sure about some of my themes and plugins, but I am pretty much a jerk that way, penis. 🙂  You’re in for a treat!!! Have a great night, and I will see you tomorrow!!! DL




Dan Loewen


Advertisements and Roulette Strategy Video

Holy Cow, I can’t believe how things are going with the new site. If you haven’t had a chance to check out some of the things we’ve been up to. Check out Tonight’s post was a roulette strategy video, and the site really is starting to come together. I would love it if you went over and checked it out, and left me a little comment or two about what you like, don’t like and would like to see there. Thanks!!! Also I have a Pintrest account now, and a Youtube channel in the works… that may well be why you haven’t heard from me as much as you may have wanted. I also have probably close to 600 more articles to post and publish, as soon as I get my stuff organized, I will start in and get it done. Anyway, have a great night, and I will be back and posting in earnest!!! Dan Loewen

Happy Tuesday!!! I know not everyone gets my excitement with numbers, but today on my EmpowerNetwork blog I think I may have managed to come up with a reason behind why I get excited. So take 10 minutes out and even if you don’t appreciate Google analytics, or Page Ranking, take a look at how it’s decided. If there is a formula, there is a way to win. Even if it’s a minute advancement each time, if there is a winning formula, and you follow it you will win. So go here, and take a quick read. I would love to see any comments you have on this. Now there is one man who I believe to be a guru of statistical analysis. He is called the Wizard of Odds. Now why would I put a link up to a man who is obviously a competitor in the same market as me? 2 reasons. I do this for the joy of it. Stats and gambling are a big deal to me, and I hope to be able to share that. He is a big deal to stats, and to share statistics effectively with you guys, I will be relying heavily on some of his math from time to time, and hopefully not to the point of plagiarism 🙂 When you see pages on my site with a lot of math, chances are very good I have looked over his strategies before I posted. I will do my best to give him credit as I go. Also I don’t agree with him on a few points, mostly on the possibility of beating the casino with strategies or formulas. I look forward to the day I can show him a statistical plan that beats the house 🙂 But really, if you have any interest in the numbers behind the games, go to his page, tell him I said Hi. That should be fun, he doesn’t know who I am . but if enough people do, maybe he will agree to let me “borrow” parts of his work for this blog! That would be awesome! Tonight, isn’t going to be much about gambling, but tomorrow I will hopefully link up some video on blackjack strategy. Heck, why not go and check what The Wizard has to say so we’ll all be on the same page tomorrow!!! 🙂 Dan Loewen

I know I haven’t been here much, but I am still going to keep it updated. I have been currently working on about 16 different projects, but I will list a few of them here for you. If you are as interested in statistics and how that works not with just gambling but with MLM, traffic campains, leverage, blogging and so much more. You really should check this stuff out!!!

Make Money Now

The Five Minute Mogul


Host then Profit


Pretty soon I will have my own YouTube channel as well, andthat will be added to this. With finally being set up, and all my work beginning there will be a lot to post and tell you about. Have a great afternoon!!! I will be back soon!!! DL

Dan Loewen

Guess what? It’s finally up. is finally up. I will be setting it up over the next few days, but the initial post is there. I will be making it a membership site, but a FREE membership site. If you have anything you want to see up there, programs or casinos you want promoted don’;t hesitate to let me know. I am always looking for more information!!! Have a great night, and I will be back soon. DL

Dan Loewen

Wow, it has been a long time. But I am not gone, just slow 🙂 I’ve been trying to find someone to set up my page. It’s taking me far longer than I expected, and has been way more annoying than I could possibly believe.Here’s a bit of a different take on the usual Roulette counting we see so often. Figured it would be interesting, and I think I will give it a whirl when I get a chance. If you beat me to it, let me know what you think and how it went. I’ll be keeping this up to date, and letting you know what’s been going on. If you want a quick look at what I’ve been up to, What I’ve been doing!!!!!! Anyway, have a great night, and I’ll talk to you soon!!! DL

Sorry it’s taken so long….

Holy Hanna have I been a busy monkey 🙂 Got some great products, been building a really good traffic blog, (well worth a look see 🙂 ) and have been working like a madman on the”Job”. I have picked up more PLR and MRR product than you could possibly imagine, and will be posting as much as I can over the next while. Kinda like this one:
“Let’s just be honest with each other, you play the lottery to win, there’s no prize for just taking part.

Now if you agree that the only reason you play the lottery is to win, you need to think about how you can really increase your chances of success.

You are probably aware that the only practical way to increase your chances of winning any lottery is to increase the number of times you’re entered in each individual draw.

Unless you enjoy the trip down to your local store and can afford to buy 40 plus tickets for every draw, you should take advantage of the power of e-Lottery syndicates, to increase your chances.

e-Lottery syndicates allow you to multiply your purchasing and playing power, by grouping you with other players. This allows you to play more tickets per draw, without the extra cost of buying them all yourself.

e-Lottery syndicates have numerous benefits for lottery players:-

1. They allow you to play the largest tax-free lotteries around the world.

All you need is a computer, an internet connection and a credit card to play.

2. You get more free time.

Your numbers are entered automatically for every draw. No more trekking to the store, or worse, forgetting to buy your tickets!

3. You just have to bank the cash.

Computers automatically check to see if you’ve won, emailing you with the happy news, as it happens. There’s nothing like receiving an email telling you you’re a winner.

Your winnings are sent directly to your home, no more ticket checking, no more having to go and collect your winnings, or worse, panics caused by lost tickets, or forgetting to collect your winnings altogether!

If you don’t think this happens, a staggering £649.3 million pounds in prize money has gone unclaimed in the UK over the last 10 years, with the largest unclaimed prize being a shocking £2.9 million pounds.

4. You can win a single draw more than once.

e-Lottery syndicates call this the “Multi-Win” method. By buying multiple tickets they guarantee to have the bonus numbers covered, meaning you only have to match the main numbers to win a prize. The more main numbers matched the more multiple wins and prize money to share among the syndicate.

5. You can build an extra income.

Many people just use e-Lottery syndicates to increase their chances of winning prizes, before they even realize about the potential income from introducing other members.

e-Lottery syndicate’s work by having more and more members join, you can profit from this, by telling people all about the benefits they would receive from being in an e-Lottery syndicate.

For instance, by helping friends and family increase their chances of winning the lottery, you would lower your costs for playing, or even earn an extra income.

There’s never been a better time to join an e-Lottery syndicate; online gaming is one of the fastest growing sectors on the internet.

In the UK alone, 20 million people regularly play the lottery, spending £1 billion pounds annually, while worldwide spending on internet gambling (of which lotteries is a part) is projected to reach £10 billion pounds by 2010.

Start playing the smarter way today.

To your success,

Carl Morgan

Carl Morgan is a UK based Internet Marketer
Information At Your Fingertips!”

Of course I’ll make a point of editing it properly, but you get the idea 🙂 DL